Pastel Dreams (palette) - Unboxing and swatches in pics

Hi all!

I recently purchased Prima Marketing Inc's Pastel Dreams Watercolor Confections palette as I've been seeing this brand all over Instagram. I knew I just had to get one for myself - these travel sized palettes looked delicious. So yesterday, I finally received it in the post and I was so excited to open it! I love this palette so much, I wanted to share with your my unboxing, unwrapping, and swatching process. 

Initial Thoughts

When I first opened my package, the box that came out was quite small, and the palette inside was even smaller. I didn't mind so much as this meant I could use this palette on my travels. The little black tin the palette is in feels so compact in the palm of my hand - and I love this feeling. Opening the tin, I was greeting by this view:

It is so absolutely cute! All the paint pans are individually wrapped and slotted into place - and I just love the colourful range of paints. I was so excited to start unwrapping theses!

Unwrapping process

At first, unwrapping each paint pan was fun and exciting, but then about 4 pans later I found it a bit tedious... although I reckon some people might find this action relaxing - but my fingers tend to be a bit clumsy when opening small things. Here is the ultimate unwrapping process in pictures:

Each pan fits snuggly between my fingers - they are very small as you can see

as well as unwrapping the paper wrapping there is also plastic wrapping to take off- which is kind of a shame that there is so much plastic wrap in here. 

Side note: I love the names these colours have been given - they are not traditional watercolour names!

Unwrapping these shades of pink was heaven - they are so beautiful!

Here are all the pans unwrapped - the pastel range is gorgeous - especially the blues and pinks.

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Swatching process

Swatching a new paint palette is always a thrilling experience - especially when you don't know yet how the paints will play out on the page. Swatching is important as it allows you to understand what the actual colour looks like on paper. It will help you choose what colours you want when painting. 

Here are some pictures of my swatching process:

my fave colours are: no. 39, 40, 42, 46 and 48

And finally, here are a set of three mini paintings I have done using this palette (these paintings will be up on my shop in July):

Overall thoughts:

Overall this is a really cute set. The quality of the paints are lovely and thick - however they are not quite as good as my normal set that I used for creating paintings. I think this set is perfect for hobbyists and for things such as scrap-booking, journal-ling or simply just for fun!

If you like the look of these paints or the paintings I did - please do leave a comment below!



  1. That's such a cute palette and I love how they give you a swatch test paper. Such a nice idea x

    Megan |

  2. Okay, these are absolutely adorable... I like that they're perfect for travelling, but definitely think all the plastic packaging is a little excessive. Great post (loved the paintings btw!) xxx

    mia //

  3. I love how adorable these are, and I think that the test paper is pretty awesome to include. I'm no artist but my spawn is a budding one so it's nice to read about this and learn a bit more!

    1. I know they are so cute!!!!

      I'm sure your child would love this set to play around with and experiment
      -L x

  4. It's nice to see swatches of paint rather than make up for a change! These are super cute colours - I love pastels. I'd always opt for pastels if I ever need to choose colours.


  5. Such beautiful colours!! 😊. I can’t wait to see what other designs you create with them. Xx

  6. Hi Bexa - This really is a great starter kit!! As well as their classic collection :) Thank you so much for the kind words!


  7. I'm useless at creative and arty things but these paints are such pretty colours. You are so talented

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