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Hello friends! 

I am so pleased to share with you my new freebies page. This is the space where I will be posting free images for you to download and use for personal use only. These freebies will be made from my paintings and I am so excited to share these designs with you! Over time, I plan to share freebies of monthly desktop wallpapers, phone wallpapers, bookmarks and bujo/scrapbooking printables.

To download the images, simply right click on the picture and click 'save image as'. Enjoy!

Spring Vibes PHONE wallpaper

Be Yourself - phone wallpaper

Phone Wallpaper - Fiery Sky

May 2019 Wallpaper 4

May 2019 Desktop wallpaper - version 2

May 2019 Desktop Wallpaper 

May 2019 wallpaper 3


  1. This is so pretty! Thanks for sharing your art <3

  2. These are lovely. Thank you for sharing so freebies. You are very talented 😍

    1. thank you so much!! :) Glad you like them. Keep your eye out for more!


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