Dear reader,

Firstly, thank you for visiting my blog. Over the years the image of my brand has changed a lot, but the content is mostly the same. I now plan on building more quality content that expands beyond book reviews. 2019 will be the year Lena’s Notebook blossoms into something bigger and better!

As such, I am a PR friendly blogger, open to new ideas and adventures to explore. If you would like to contact me at all, please email me at lena.h.mistry@googlemail.com . To visit my online CV – you can find me at www.lenamistrycv.com .

Thank you to the other kind bloggers who have supported me so far! I am also planning to share more of my artsy work - and have already received a lot of lovely responses so far - thanks very much for the love!

Happy reading to all!

Note to publishers/PR people:

  • I am on netgalley and happily accept e-proofs. I also enjoy physical proofs, but I’ll admit they do take me a tad bit longer to read.
  • I am looking to do more author interviews and blog tours, so please do contact me if there is anything going.
  • PR friendly, so go ahead and add me to your blogger lists.
  • For galleys, reviews will be posted within the week of pub date.
  • I don’t do negative reviews anymore (nothing lower than 3 hearts) so if you don’t see anything from me, it means I didn’t enjoy or finish the book.
  • Rating system:

♥♥♥♥♥ - Excellent! Best thing ever!
♥♥♥♥ - Very good!
♥♥♥ - Good/Average

  • Fave genres: Women’s fiction, YA (older), NA, Thrillers, General fiction, Non-fiction, Commercial fiction, Drama
  • I am mostly active on Twitter, Instagram and this blog.


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