Art and Stationary Wish List!

Hi everyone! As you probably know by now – I have recently got into art again. Particularly watercolour art. As such, I am always roaming social media and amazon for cool art supplies. There are so many amazing products out there (and some naff ones too) that I really want to buy (but I need to watch my spending) – so I have created a wish list instead!! Here are a few of the things that I have my eyes on -  if you are a stationary addict like me, please leave a comment!!

Kuretake Gansai Tambi Japanese Watercolour Paints (36 Colour Set)

There are lots of good reviews of this paint set which looks amazing – just love the colour range and I am so tempted to press ‘buy now’!

Professional Watercolour Paint Set - 24 Vibrant Pans + 1 Blending Brush Pen – Creative Peak

WOW – this set is a really good price and they look gorgeous!!

Prima Marketing Watercolour Pans:

They look STUNNING and so cute. Just love the colour range.

KMS watercolour pans! (Etsy)

I love watched her mix and make paints on her Instagram page – I have just purchased a set of dot cards to test them out. However, I would love some pans such as this one:

Pastel Tombow pens

These pastel pens look gorgeous – Tombow are an expensive brand and I have never owned one of their pens yet!

Castle art waterbrush set

I adore waterbrush pens as an alternative to traditional paints – I have seen these about on the internet and they look really cool. However, I am quite happy with my MozartSupplies set and I am afraid of trying out other brands!

MozArt Supplies Dual Tip Brush Pen Marker Set - 24 Colours - Flexible Brush & Fineliner Tips

I have the 12 set but wish I’d got the 24 set as they are SO good. Love how they blend with water!

Set of six drawing pens

They look so good and are not too expensive! I only have a pack of three sakura pigma ones.

Clairefontaine Fontaine Cold Pressed Watercolour Pad, Wirebound

 (bought this a while ago and it has amazing quality watercolour paper!!)

Mega Box Karin Brush Marker Pro Brushpens Water Based Ideal for Painting, Drawing and Hand Lettering

I have seen these all over Instagram and they look SO good!!! But super expensive.

And for now - that is it. But trust me, there are LOADS more things that I just WANT WANT WANT!!!

Who else feels this way.

Comment below if you have a stationary wish list of your own!



  1. I really want the Tombow pastel pens too! I have the black fudenosuke soft tip and the black ABT brush pen and love both! The pastel ones look amazing!

    Megan |

  2. Those pastel tombow pens look so pretty! I only have a black ones at the moment. I hope you manage to get everything on your list Lena xx
    Lauren |

  3. The MozArt pens look great! It's nice to see a different type of wish list for a change!


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