3 reasons why you really should take up a creative hobby.


Myth: You need to be AMAZING at art.

Let me start by saying you absolutely DO NOT need to be good at art or design to take up a creative hobby. What does “being good at art” mean anyway? I couldn’t tell you.

As a beginner to the arts and crafts world you will learn so much more about yourself than ever, and you will give yourself something new to focus your mind on. This is what is important. Whether you work in the creative industries or not, a creative hobby such as drawing, painting, sewing, embroidery, knitting etc. have many benefits that you might be missing out on.

If you’ve never even considered taking up something creative for fear of failure, here are my top 3 reasons why you SHOULD start that creative hobby:

  • It will be good for your mental health: Creativity absolutely should be part of your self care routine. Whether it is something as simple as colouring or as intricate as embroidery, studies have shown that engaging in creative activity increases your mental wellbeing and reduces your stress levels. Personally I find doing crafty things is therapeutic. I can get lost in a painting or a piece of embroidery, and whilst I am focusing on what I am creating, I find myself wandering into the deeper and darker corners of my mind. I can release all my angst and locked up feelings through my artwork, ultimately helping me navigate through the complexities of life.

  • You will learn important life skills: You might find this surprising but whatever new hobby you take up, you will pick up on some important life skills subconsciously. Skills such as patience, attention to detail (goes hand in hand with patience!), technical ability, hand-eye coordination, and learning to follow instructions are important life skills that we will always need. There are probably loads of other skills you will be picking up on, but for me, patience is a personal growth goal I am trying to focus on. Because without patience, your ability to be detail-oriented goes right out the window. 

  • It’s a great conversation starter (and makes you stand out in job interviews!): This may not be an important motivation for you personally, but a word of advice: some good hiring managers do keep an eye out for unique and “out of the box” talents. They want to know what makes you tick, and what motivates you, and what makes you stand apart. They want to know if you are keen to learn new things - one application I recently filled in asked What Have You Taught Yourself and What Was It For? It’s a great question as I felt I was able to put forward a part of myself I don’t get to normally talk about. And even if you are not in a position to apply for jobs anytime soon, it’s always a great conversation starter at social gatherings and events: “Oh I’ve been trying my hand at crotchet recently, look what I’ve made!” [Proceed to show darkly lit photos of your amazing work]. Perhaps you might find like-minded individuals and be able to swap some tips. 

Above all, a creative hobby should be fun and not stressful. So if you try one thing and you can’t connect with it, then try another. Keep trying and discovering new things until something clicks. 

If you have a creative hobby already, I would LOVE to hear all about it - post a comment below with a link to your creations and I will check it out for sure. And if you didn’t know already, here’s a link to the gallery page on my website for past examples of things I have created. 




  1. Thanks for this. I love using a bullet journal but I know I’m not very artistic. I like the design of your blog too. 🙂

  2. Exploring the world of arts and crafts is not just about creating beautiful things—it's about self-discovery and mental nourishment. Engaging in creative hobbies like drawing, painting, or knitting offers a therapeutic escape and a chance to tap into your inner creativity. Whether you're part of the creative industry or not, these activities provide invaluable benefits for personal growth and well-being. And if you ever find yourself struggling with your help me with my chemistry homework, remember that seeking help is perfectly okay. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance from peers, tutors, or online resources. Prioritizing your mental health and academic success is vital!


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