Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Etsy and Small Business guide

Before my starting own art shop (art by lena) I have never thought much about buying gifts from small businesses - I never knew such a thing existed! However, I soon discovered Etsy and a ton of talented individuals who make the most amazing pieces of art - this guide puts together a list of creatives from which you can choose to buy your Mother's Day gifts from. Be sure to check them all out!

Wall Art by ZoeWare

Zoe’s hand-painted prints are so pretty. They are painted onto hand-made paper (which she makes herself) and also has options to be included in a frame!

Handmade Candles by Sunflowr Dog Resin

Jess at Sunflowr Dog Resin is super talented. She creates a wide range of art – from resin pendants, wire-wrapped jewellery, to candles and beyond! These candles are beautiful and would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift!

Hand-crafted Necklaces by Imogen

Imogen’s jewellery is magical. These gorgeous pink pendants with butterflies are perfect for Mother’s Day!

Notebooks and Stationary from Glitter & Earth

This is one of my favourite shops for notebooks – the designs are so cute and magical. The enamel mugs are beautiful and would make as lovely gifts!

Postcards and Greeting cards from Let it Bloom Art

These hand-painted postcards are stunning. I love the botanical, raw theme – and the level of talent is top-notch.

Magical and witchy bookmarks from AlmaMagicsArt

Alma’s witchy art is breath-taking and I just love those bookmarks! Perfect for those bookish and spooky mothers out there.

Jewellery Boxes by Resinateartuk

Jewellery and trinket boxes are perfect to give as gifts. These are handmade from resin, and they are so gorgeous!

Wall hangings by Grace Eve Art

Grace’s wall-hangings made from clay and crystals are so unique and beautiful. If you wanted a unique and memorable gift, Grace’s hangings are stunning!

Embroidered gifts from Jade Illustrates

Jade’s embroidered artwork is amazing.  She does a lot of custom pieces so if you wanted something done from a photo, Jade’s the one to go to! This would be a very special Mother’s day gift.

Coasters and Resin Art from Iluminarts

Jess’s coasters are so pretty. They make a great addition to your kitchen or lounge, and are great for giving as gifts!

Thank you for reading my post and I hope this guide helps you to purchase the right gift for your leading ladies :)

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  1. Lovely blog post! And you've found some very talented artists to highlight.

  2. Fantastic gift ideas...I love items from Grace Eve Art...some truly unique ideas

  3. Such original gift ideas, love what you put together! Inge | The Belgian Reviewer


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