Mini Indie Shop Haul!

Hi guys! Firstly, apologies for not posting in so long - the reason is that I have been working hard on my shop and on creating cute headers and logos for fellow bloggers and online businesses! Such fun! But I am back to blogging - and I am sharing the amazing things I have bought from my fellow online artists. These people have such beautiful art and will always inspire me to soldier on. As such, I wanted to write a blog post showing how talented and amazing they all are! There are other artists I want to buy art from too, and I will continue to share their work on my blog. 

Without further ado, here are my most recent buys from indie artists around the world:

Mary is a very talented jewellery artist and her galaxy fox pendant is so pretty! I also loved the way she packaged everything - it made the shopping experience very enjoyable.

Jess, the owner and artist behind Sunflower Dog resin, makes the most beautiful resin pieces. She is also a joy to shop with!

Autumn simply has the prettiest art I have seen ever!! These stickers are gorgeous and I wish I could afford her whole shop! 


KMCTCREATIVE has such pretty and bright art - her whole shop is full of lovely things and I cannot wait to shop from her again!

Dorkface blog is an amazing artist with really cute and bright artwork. This sticker from her shop is my absolute fave!

Thank you for reading my blog post on these lovely and super creative beings! Stickers are my fave to buy and I am always on the look out for more pretty things!


  1. I love that galaxy fox pendant! Absolutely beautiful! I'll definitely have to check out her shop x


  2. I love the stickers from Dork face! They look so pretty! I love stickers! You have picked up some beautiful products! It’s great you are supporting other small businesses! Thank you for sharing Lena xxx

  3. Beautiful stuff. Gotta love stickers! :)


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