5 Favourite London Coffee Shops you Must Visit – in Pictures

I am an avid lover of visiting new coffee shops and discovering new tastes! So this is not an exhaustive list of coffee shops I have visited – just some of my favourites. For me good coffee shops have welcoming and cosy interiors, friendly staff, and most importantly, coffee that tastes good and isn’t burnt or any of that watery crap. I’ll happily pay more for good coffee! Here are 5 coffee shops that I think are worth visiting. Read on to find out who’s in my number one spot!

 5 – The Coffee Works Project

This is a super trendy unit in Angel, Islington. Situated along the back path where all the designer shops and boutiques reside, this little shop fits just right in. The interior is very quirky and there are nice tables at the back if you want to work on your laptop, or in my case on your art! The music can get quite loud, but they do play rather good music.

4 – Barista on the Other Side

Formerly known just as ‘Barista’ this is a newly renovated café that has amazing interiors. Located across the road from Finchley Road Underground station, this lovely coffee shop is very popular with the locals and regulars. It used to be a tiny coffee shop corner but now has expanded into a beautifully designed café. The interiors are gorgeous and I love the big tables. The only downside is that the coffee used to taste SO good and only used to be £2.50. Now they changed the coffee they used – it does not taste so good plus cost has gone up to £2.80. I don’t go there as often as I used to – but it really is a nice place to chill.

3 – 93°C 

This is a VERY new café – opened just this month near Finchley Central. I have put it on my list because the pretty and welcoming interiors scores high up on my radar. The coffee is decent – and the Barista was happy to make to how I like it (or close to).  As it’s new, it’s fairly quiet – but once the locals cotton onto this place, I am sure it will be very popular one day.

2 – Harris & Hoole Uxbridge

This coffee shop (specifically the one in Uxbridge – zone 6 in London)is fast becoming my favourite place to go when I am down in Uxbridge (which is quote often it seems). Firstly, the coffee is really good and they’ve always made it how I like it. And they serve it in really cute rustic looking coffee cups and saucers – which is a plus because I am a sucker for details like that. I love the wide, open space, the big windows, the little stools and wooden tables and chairs – and the overall look is just inviting. The second thing I really like is their goats cheese (or halloumi) and roasted veg flatbread – these are just SO delicious. I love having this for lunch – it looks big but it’s not heavy which is good.

1 – Tintico

Number one on my list is Tintico – based in Finchley Central (zone 4 in London). This is number one on my list because this is the tastiest coffee I have ever had. Every singly time I go there, no matter who makes it for me, the coffee will always taste on point. It costs £2.70 for a latte – but worth every penny. I go here pretty much every morning or most mornings – I have done so for the last two years. The interiors are just gorgeous – it’s so open and clean and has lots of art up on the walls. The only negative is that in the winter it can be quote cold even with the heaters on! However, definitely a great place in the summer and autumn – and generally for me the best place for good coffee.

As I said, this is not an exhaustive list – I have many other favourites – so watch out because I will surely be writing about those too!