Card Swap! - a blogger collaboration

Hi all! I have something super exciting for you today - something I have never done before.

Earlier this month, Lauren (blog name: Bournemouth Girl) and I planned to do a card swap! I have never sent anyone I met on social media some HAND-MADE cards in return for HAND-MADE cards to be sent to me as well! For those of you who like to be creative and artsy, this was a really fun project - I was excited to see what Lauren had made for me, and I am excited to know what Lauren thinks of the postcards I sent to her! Receiving her package in the post was like Christmas all over again.

And now without further ado, here are the pretty cards Lauren designed for me:

My Thoughts:

    • Art Work: I really love the clean, simple yet pretty designs on these cards. They are very soothing to look at - and I can clearly see the message in each card. I love the lettering - the black against the colour around it. 
    • Quality: The quality of paper and ink is really good - the card is thick and the ink stands out very well.
    • The messages behind these cards are very motivational and inspirational - it is always a pleasure to have these kind of positive vibes alive around you - and especially in art form.
    • Currently I am now using these three cards for myself! I have pinned them up onto my work inspiration board - and it's such a lovely touch to my daily work life!
    • My favourite thing about all of these cards is the bright colours and illustrations - my favourite is the bee one - all the smiling bees makes me smile as well!

Overall, I really enjoyed doing the card swap - I really hope Lauren likes the postcards I sent her and I cannot wait to hear her thoughts!

If you'd like to get to know Lauren better, here are her links:

Blog - Bournemouth Girl

Psttt - if you want to know what postcards I sent Lauren, do visit her blog! ;)


  1. Such a cute idea you both had!
    I came here from her blog and I have to say I love what I see! :D

    - Nyxie

    1. Hi Nixie - thanks so much for visiting!!

      glad you like the designs :)

  2. This is such a cute idea! Love Lauren's designs.

    Megan |

    1. I know me too! She really is creative!

  3. Those are lovely! And such a cute idea arranging a card swap!

  4. These are all so incredibly cute!

  5. This is great! "say yes to new adventures" is amazing! Followed yall!

  6. Aww...I love all these cards..parti particularly the one with hot air balloon...Lauren is so creative...I read her blog too made beautiful cards Lena... ����

    Rinki |

    1. Thank you Rinki! Yes she really is creative and so lovely!!

  7. That Bee happy one is super cute.


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