Official London Coffee Tour

I love a good coffee shop. I’m all about the aesthetics, and to me a good coffee shop will be stylish, cosy and warm in bitterly cold winter months. Plus, good coffee (of course).

What is good coffee? Personally, I always order a latte, and when I remember, I’ll ask for a single shot (my body cannot take two shots, I get all jittery!). A good latte will be milky with a thin layer of milky foam on top, and I love it when baristas serve my latte in a tumbler or in a tea cup rather than the long glasses you get in Costa. I also love it when they add a creative touch and pour the milk in such a way a pattern appears. But most importantly, the coffee must be smooth and milky, and I detest burnt, watery tasting lattes!

Currently my favourite artisan indie coffee shops are Barista on the Other Side (Finchley Rd station), and Tintico (Finchley Central station) – both serve delicious coffee and have lovely, relaxing interiors. I’ve been going to these places for two years now, and the lure of good coffee has inspired me to try as many indie coffee shops in London as I can. And so, I have launched my official London coffee tour.

I have created a list of places I would like to go to (I am always searching Instagram for cool places to add to my list), and will continuously be adding new places as I find more to try. I also love accidently finding hidden gems on my travels – and I’ll always be sure to delay my journey just to have some delicious coffee – that’s how infatuated I am! My plan is to review each and every one of them – rating them on service by staff, quality of coffee, pricing, availability and range of sweet treats, and in some occasions the food. Most importantly, if I enjoy the taste of the coffee and I think it’s worth however many £££ spent, then said coffee shop will get a good rating.

My favourite thing to do in coffee shops is to read. There’s something so satisfying about sitting with a cup of coffee on a nice wide table, with my bits and bobs (notebook at hand and phone) spread out around me, and a cup of hot milky coffee. It’s super relaxing and I feel most at peace during these moments. Another I like to do, is some art. If I find I have time before work, I will get out my pens and draw and colour – and time will pass so quickly when I am in my zone. So for me, drinking coffee is a time to relax, and to forget about the outside world for a while. A lot of my snaps on Instagram will be of coffee with a book, or coffee with a work in progress (or with a notebook when I am writing down ideas).

And now, to reveal my growing list of places I aim to visit:

  • Artisan Coffee - Soho
  • Attendant, The
  • Back on Track Coffee - Wimpole Street
  • Cable Co - Kensal Rise
  • Campbell & Syme - Various
  • Candid Cafe, London
  • Federation Coffee
  • Flat White - Soho
  • Gail's - Temple Fortune
  • Gentleman Baristas
  • Hackney Coffee Co - Various
  • Harris and Hoole - Uxbridge
  • Insomnia Coffee (could be a chain)
  • Kaffeine
  • Kiss the Hippo - Richmond
  • Mare Street Cafe - Hackney
  • Notes Coffee - Various (I tried the one in Bond Street Station, and the coffee was delicious!)
  • Origins - Kings Cross
  • Over Under - Earl's Court
  • Paper & Cup - Shoreditch/Hackney
  • Petersham Nurseries - Richmond
  • Stay Grounded - Farringdon
  • Streets Coffee - Finchley Road
  • Swallow Coffee Shop
  • TAP coffee
  • Taylor Street Bank
  • The Canvas, London
  • The Espresso Room - Covent Garden
  • Timberyard
  • White Mulberries

(Note: In Blue are those I have visited - they will be hyperlinked once I've written up reviews)
(Note: This list will be updated over and over as I keep finding new places to try! If you have any reccs, please do leave a comment below)
(Note: There are other places I have been that are not on this list - but I need to track down the names and then I shall add it in!)

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  1. Brilliant idea for a a blog series :-) I've a friend living in Tulse Hill who I get to visit every once in a while so will hope to try a suggestion or two next time we're in London.
    I love finding quirky tea and coffee shops on our travels too. Ones that particularly stick in my mind are The Little Roaster in Norwich and Eighty-Sixed in Ironbridge :-)

    1. thanks for your comment!
      I will look those two up and if I'm ever there - I'll be sure to visit :D


  2. This is such a great post for people to gather research for when they visit London. I am not a coffee drinker however, I still found this interesting. It’s a huge list and I am sure there are sooo many more. Such a choice! Your featured image is so classy too! Thank you for sharing!
    Lauren x

    1. Hi Lauren,

      there really is sooo many more and I wanna try them all.

      Thanks very much for your kind comments :)

  3. I love this style of post! One of the best things about London is the variety of different coffee shops there are to visit. I'll have to try some of your suggestions when I next visit :) x

    1. Oooh yes there are so many - I want to visit them all.

      Yes you must try some :)


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