Lonely Girl

Lonely girl by Josephine Cox

Originality: ♥♥
Quality of Writing:
Setting: ♥♥
Overall view:

The premise of the book: girl physically and emotionally abused by her mother but is loved to bits by her father who dies eventually (trust me - this isn't a twist or anything, not really), is interesting. But it ends there. The whole book somehow spans over a single night in which not much really happens. The writing was very repetitive, boring, and the dialogue wooden. Characters were beyond one dimensional and reminds me of Enid Blyton (but a more boring version). I don't know how I kept turning the pages but it was so easy to read that I whizzed through it very quickly. I wouldn't waste my time on reading another Josephine Cox novel again despite people saying her books are normally good.

The title is 'Lonely Girl': she wasn't that lonely at all. She had her cousin and uncle and aunt and her father. I didn't get the point of this novel. What was Josephine thinking when she was writing this? It's as if she's gotten bored of writing and her own boredom has now leaked into her writing. The "twist" at the end was so silly and predictable and even Hollywood wouldn't even think of using it.

Maybe it was time Mrs Cox took a break from writing, or just kept her work to herself. I've never given a book such a low rating, but this book seriously wasn't up to par. Can't believe HarperCollins would even publish something like this. The story needs more depth, more cutting edge for it to really stand out. 1 star overall.  


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